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With our medical plans you can access care in-network or out-of-network. We recommend accessing in-network care whenever possible, as it will be less expensive. The medical plans are administered by Allied through the Aetna network and your prescription plan is administered by Magellan.

  • Insurance carrier contact information
    Medical Allied 1-800-288-2078 Prescription Magellan Rx 1-800-424-0472 Specialty Prescription PaydHealth 1-877-869-7772 Health Savings Account HealthEquity 1-866-346-5800 Flexible Spending Account PrimePay 1-877-769-3539 Telemedicine Teladoc 1-800-835-2362
  • Search for a Medical provider
    Click here
  • Prescription medicine information
    Covered prescriptions: Click here to determine which medications are covered under your plan and any applicable limitations. Magellan Rx mobile app: With this app, you can get accurate drug pricing from nearby pharmacies so you can compare and decide where to fill a prescription. Click here to learn more about this benefit. Download the app and start saving: iPhone - click here Android - click here
  • How do I use telemedicine?
    When you enroll in our healthcare plan, you have access to use telemedicine by using the Teladoc app. This allows you to speak with a doctor 24/7 by phone, text, or video chat. Click here to learn more.
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